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When I’m asked if “I have” an investor who would be interested in [insert startup idea or prototype here] I have a vision of Oleson’s Mercantile on Little House On The Prairie. If only getting startup funding was as easy as asking for a yard of fabric or a sack of flour or as accessible as a jar of candy on the general store counter…But here’s the deal – I’m not Harriet (or Nels) Oleson and investors are not sitting organized on a shelf waiting to be handed over every time a startup asks.

Here’s the answer I posted on Levo.com today when asked, once again, if I had an investor….

Is your app a feature, product or company? If a feature, whose product would benefit from your technology and think about the strategic buyers for it. If a product or company (i.e. assume there is a revenue stream or potential revenue stream attached to your app), then the question is how much money, when and from whom. Are you looking for money to launch, scale or grow? What type of investor would be most hopeful to company – someone with retail, B2C or B2B experience or contacts? Not all money is created the same so the more painfully specific you can be about what your company needs (and it is not just money I would surmise) then you’ll have a clearer idea on the types of people you need to meet (angel, seed, strategic investors) to take your venture forward.

If you’re looking for investors, know that this is really about relationship building not simply asking for and possibly receiving money. Remember that relationship building takes time – 3 months, 6 months, 9 months….and you should start building the web of relationships your startup needs to succeed before you need them. Buy a lottery ticket and cross your fingers, there is nothing anyone can do if you’re “nearly out of money and have 3 weeks of runway”.  And think about what your startup really needs to succeed. We could all use more money, so it’s more than knowing what you’ll do with the investment which you magically assume will by flying off the shelf.

What else do you need, besides money to really succeed? Be painfully precise as in right here right now this is what I need – as that is the list people can truly help you with. It is tangible. It is actionable. It is clear. And as they say in the startup world, if you ask for advice you get money and if you ask for money…..




Pop[-Up] Goes The Retail

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Loyalty, buzz, brand awareness: pop-ups have changed the retail landscape. Created as a bricks & mortar option for startups and emerging designers (and temporary use of available retail space) pop-ups are now an experience strategy for brands both big and small. Join me at Apple’s Retail Store in SoHo for a conversation with Pop-Up Architect and Founder of The Lionesque Group Melissa Gonzalez, Daily Candy’s Editor-in-Chief Ashley Parrish and MODABOUND Co-Founder and Director of Product Alexa Varsavsky. We’ll discuss the how, when and ROI of successful temporary physical locations – and yes, leave time to answer your brand experience strategy questions too.

When:  Wednesday, April 16 at 7 pm

Where: Apple Retail Store in SoHo

This event is free, and open to the public. Seating is on a first come basis. 

Every Day

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Every day is not a challenge

Every day is a CHANCE

to get better


to learn

to live

to love

to embrace the world and be embraced

and to prepare for another day

should we be lucky enough to

receive it

Every day is NOT a challenge

Every day is a CHANCE

written by Gloria Borges on December 27, 2013

Gloria was Born into Life on December 8, 1981 on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Bellflower, CA and Called to Eternal Life on January 5, 2014 on the Feast of the Epiphany in Los Angeles, CA.

In my lifetime it is my privilege and honor to have had Gloria in my life and now to be helping her incredible Mom, Becky Keller to continue Gloria’s vision and beauty. If you’re not following @wunderglo on Twitter, please start – I’m now managing that account on behalf of Gloria’s foundation. A small, social way I can stay connected to Gloria and be her voice in the fight to cure colon cancer.

Yes, it is time for cancer to go to hell.


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